Ancestors of Our Members:
Over the years, Illinois Court has had members with over 140 eligible ancestors. Here they are, with date of service.
The date indicates the year they first joined the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company.
"Founder" denotes one of the 24 Signers who organized the Company in 1637.
"Deputy" denotes one of the Deputies to General Court in Boston in 1638.
"Governor" or "Dep. Governor" denotes a member of the Governor's Council at the time the Company was chartered.
"Clergy" denotes someone who preached the annual election sermon for the Company.
An * indicates that the line is closed and no further applicants may use that ancestor.
Please remember that this is only a listing of our ancestors from the Illinois Court.  For a comprehensive listing of eligible ancestors, see Members of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in the colonial Period 1638-1774 by Maude Roberts Cowan.
Adams, Henry1652
Adams, Samuel1729
Adams, Thomas1644
Aspinwall, William1643
Atherton, Humphrey1638
Avery, William1654
Baker, Richard1658
Ballard, William1638
Barbour, George1646
Beamsley, William1656
Blake, William1646
Brackett, Richard1639
Bradstreet, SimonGovernor
Brewer, Daniel1666
Bridge, Matthew1643
Briggs, William1697
Bulkeley, EdwardClergy
Cakebread, ThomasFounder
Capen, John1646
Clapp, Roger1646
Clark, Hugh1666
Clark, William1646
Clifford, George1644
Cole, John1642
Cole, SamuelFounder
Collins, Edward1641
Cotton, JohnClergy
Crafts, John1668
Crofte, GriffinDeputy
Crossman, Robert1644
Cutter, Richard1643
Danforth, JohnClergy
Danforth, SamuelClergy
Davis, James. Sr.1651
Davison, Nicholas1648
Denison, Daniel1660
Drury, Hugh1659
Drury, John1674
Dudley, ThomasDep. Governor
Dunbar, SamuelClergy
Eames, AnthonyDeputy 
Eliot, Philip1638
Endicott, JohnGovernor
Fairbanks, George1644
Fisher, Daniel1640
Fisher, Joshua1640
Flint, HenryClergy
French, William1638
Gilbert, Jonathan1653
Glover, John1642
Gooch, James Jr.1714
Goodwin, Nathaniel1711
Gunnison, Hugh  1646
Hale, JohnClergy
Hale, Robert1644
Hasey, William1652
Haynes, Walter1639
Hill, John1647
Hinsdale, Robert1645
Hobby, Charles*1702
Hobart, PeterClergy
Hough, AthertonDeputy
Howe, EdwardDeputy
Huckins, ThomasFounder
Hull, JosephDeputy
Hunn, Nathaniel1662
Hurd, John 1640
Hutchinson, Edward1638
Jacobs, John1682
Jenner, Thomas1673
Johnson, EdwardFounder
Johnson, Isaac1645
Johnson, James1638
Johnson, John1638
Kilham, Daniel1645
Koldam, Clement1645
Larkin, Edward1644
Litchfield, Lawrence1640
Loker, Henry1640
Long, Robert1639
Lynde, ThomasDeputy
Lyon, William1645
Makepeace, Thomas1638
Maverick, Elias1654
Mayhew, ThomasDeputy
Mayo, JohnClergy
Moore, John*1638
Morrill, Abraham1638
Morrill, Isaac1638
Oliver, JohnFounder
Paine, Stephen1649
Parke, William1638
Parsons, Joseph*1679
Patten, William1642
Pease, John1661
Pierce, JohnDeputy
Pendelton, Brian1646
Phillips, Henry1640
Phillips, William1644
Plympton, John1643
Prentice, ThomasClergy
Preston, Edward1646
Rawson, EdwardDeputy
Read, John1644
Richards, Thomas1648
Robinson, William1643
Sanford, Robert1661
Sanford, Thomas*1661
Savage, ThomasFounder
Sedgwick, Robert1674
Sedgwick, William1666
Seeley, Robert1642
Severance, John1641&1654
Shaw, John1646
Simpkins, Nicholas1650
Spencer, WilliamFounder
Sprague, RalphDeputy
Stoddard, Anthony1639
Stowe, John1638
Stowe, Thomas1638
Torrey, William1641
Townsend, John1641
Trowbridge, Thomas1638
Tyng, Edward1642
Tyng, Jonathan1670
Underhill, JohnFounder
Upham, JohnDeputy
Usher, Hezekiah1638
Waite, John1673
Walker, Richard1638
Ward, William1724
Ware, Robert1644
Weld, JosephFounder
Wells, Thomas1644
Whiting, SamuelClergy
Whitwell, Samuel1755
Williams, Robert1644
Willis, Experience      1674
Wilson, JohnClergy
Wilson, John1745
Winship, Edward1638
Winthrop, JohnGovernor
Woodbridge, John1644
Woodbury, JohnDeputy
Woodman, EdwardDeputy